Exterior All-Weather Zip Blinds

Outdoor (all-weather blinds) are custom-made to individual requirements with a number of hold-down, Slidetrack or Zipscreen cover options; blinds are
High-end Price Range

Embracing comfort and exclusivity, Automatic- Motorized blinds offers the convenience of controlling your blinds the way you want to

Enjoy the wonderful convenience of cordless blinds in your home. Opening and closing your new window blinds with the press of a button must be the ult
Luxury to Premium Range

Interior Taylor Blinds Shutters

Beautifully safeguard windows and doors with Taylor Blinds’ aesthetic appeal, effortless operation and advanced security features. Custom-made t
Luxury/ Premium Range

Enjoy the view outside with transparent exterior Patio blinds working smarter

Crafford’s exterior/ patio blinds and sheers provides convenient, easy control over quickly changing weather and offers variant levels of privac
Mid- to Premium Range