It’s been a busy week. Our new 2023 Vertical blinds range looking great, fancy Zebra blinds and Fauxwood blinds installed this week. So much more to choose from.

On Site: Montagu

Crafford’s Vertical blinds can now be fitted without bottom-chains we’ve become so accustomed to in SA – out with the old in with the new. Looking and working so much smarter.

On Site: Barrydale
On Site: Swellendam

Seen here in an Oregon wood frame Crafford’s Fauxwood and Styrowood blinds are available in a range of fancy wood imitation- and colour finishes to compliment your style and decorative flair.

On Site: Bonnievale
On Site: Bonnievale

Crafford’s quality Zebra blinds are the most versatile blinds of all. Ready to use day and night for effortless privacy and light-control.

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Zebra Blinds are the chic alternative to roller blinds making it the easiest (and quickest) of all blinds to open and close. The horizontal pattern of Zebra Blinds allows one to simply adjust the pattern to your requirement of allowing light through or not (alias Day & Night blinds).

Zebra Blinds in high fashion. Beware of cheap imitations..

Zebra Blinds are easiest to coltrol light and privacy

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Crafford’s Blinds stocks a variety of beautifully printed designer blinds and woven fabrics for every taste and decor. Material blinds adds a warm and welcoming feel to your home with a unique and exclusive lustre to window dressing that will leave everyone talking!

Roller blinds are also adaptable to home automation and can be motorized.

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Stunning aluminium blinds are available in any color you can imagine – and costs nothing more than plain white. Pink for the girls, blue for the boys; gold for the high-rollers and many more. Always practical, aluminium blinds are easy to operate, hard-wearing and affordable.

Snazzy-looking aluminium blinds in stunning Red

Wide aluminium silver blinds trending

Perforated aluminium blinds allows natural light through

Crafford’s perforated aluminium blinds allow natural light through even while they’re closed and maintains that beautiful view outside. One cannot see through Crafford’s perforated blinds from the outside in maintaining privacy and light control.

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Hard to choose between Blockout and Dimout blinds? It’s easy. Crafford’s Blockout Blinds blocks out all light in varied degrees. Blockout is also great during Winter months maintaining a moderate temperature inside (it doesn’t let cold air through).

Dimout blinds are translucent

Blockout blinds blacks out light

Crafford’s Dimout Blinds does exactly what it says; dimming out light without obstructing the view (you can see through dimout blinds) and is available in varied levels of translucency. Dimout blinds are also best to break down direct sunlight and doesn’t let warm air through.

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Fauxwood blinds looking chic and sassy available in a plethora of fancy-looking designs and finishes. Fauxwood blinds may purposely look like wood or made in a range of solid colors ideal for the modern home.

fauxwood blinds by craffords blinds

wood imitation blinds fauxwood

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